Hi, my name is Julian Datta, I'm a Berlin-based guitarist. I like variety and enjoy playing music in different styles and environments - beach bars and street fairs, theaters and recording studios, weddings and hotels, cabarets and basement clubs.


Currently, I'm writing for the Kancha Lanka Koalition,  as well as playing with satirical free-jazz-trio Fehlkauf (with Steffen Faul and Stephan Horn), interdisciplinary improvisation-ensemble eye to eye//i:i  (with Etoile Chaville and Meltem Nil), cabaret/chanson-duet Les Cigales Caramels, and pocket-soul-band Key Of Life.




In 2013, I worked with the music-theater-group of composer/director Santiago Blaum from Argentina. In the same year, I contributed electric guitar to the album "Girlz and Boyz" by Frankie Flowerz from Malaysia. In 2011, I played some classical guitar on Christian Conrad's soundtrack for the German movie "Westwind".


I performed frequently with Songwriter/Capoeira-master Rogerio Marques from Brazil, also with rapper/activist Sister Fa, reggae-singer Louis-Jean Mendy and afro-fusion-band "Kilinba", all from Senegal. I've performed solo as well as with various cover-bands and ad hoc improv-projects, for example with Adam Caine or Benedikt Bindewald.


With various projects, I've played on stages all over Germany, as well as in Austria, Switzerland, Poland, France, Senegal and the United States.


I started teaching privately in 2006 and have since also taught at the Musikschule Meier in Wentorf, Hamburg and the Freie Musikschule Lichterfelde West, Berlin.




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